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Compliant RPC Labels

CFS is your best source for machine washable, RPC Compliant Labels.

CFS Label

Non-compliant labels on RPCs may damage the containers, rendering them useless. In the near future, RPC users may be held liable for damage caused by the use of non-compliant labels applied to RPCs.

At CFS, it is our job to make sure you have compliant labels and avoid this potential liability. All of our RPC Labels are printed with a CFS Identifier, so the RPC manufacturer and the major retailers know that your labels meet the compliant requirements. (insert Picture from drop box! )

 Kroger is requiring all of their vendors to use complaint labels shipping into their locations. (attached Letter)

Kroger Supplier RPC Label Compliance Guidelines

In the near future, the cost of using a compliant will be much less than the cost of not using one.

With Five Stocked Warehouses strategically located throughout the US, we are only a maximum of 2 days away from your location.

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