TSC Printers

TSC MX 240 Series for high volume printing with up to 14 inches per second (IPS) and an optional internal full roll rewind kit.

TTP 2410MT Series is improved over the TTP-2410M with speeds up to 14 IPS and enhanced print quality.  For a mid to high range industrial printer, it is one of the best values on the market.

TSC Printer

ME 240 Series printers print up to 6 IPS.  This lighter, more economical printer carries the same warranty as the larger printer and also maintains industrial printing standards.


**All TSC printers carry a 2 year warranty on the printer plus a 1 year warranty on the print head.

Please contact CFS, Inc. for additional information and pricing. These are just three of the more popular printers. They have a full line suited to all your requirements so please let us know if we can help you with your applications.

In Addition, to meet all of your imaging requirements, CFS sells a full line of OEM printers including Zebra and Datamax O’Neil.

Food Safe Ribbons

We sell a full range of wax and wax/resin ribbons that have received recognition and authorization for use in fresh produce and food contact label applications.
These ribbons are ideal for printing at high speed and produce sharp, clean print density so that small print such as expiration dates, lot numbers, bar codes, and graphics remain readable. The ribbons are UV resistant and durable to smearing, scratching, abrasion, and heat. They are also formulated to reduce Print Head wear during the printing process which helps to extend the life of this vital part.

Printer Labels

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